Twitter Updates for 2007-08-27

looking for a Font on # Enjoying a busy bank holiday; working on a website... # Alizasherman - if you want to host/serve your own ads, then check out it is free! # drinking coffee and having a think... # just created a Twitter Stream for updates to...

All quiet on the Home Front

It's going to be a bit quiet around here for a few days as I'm off to Wales for the Bank holiday. But before I go, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has shown interest in my first free Wordpress theme called Tumbled. It...

Twitter Updates for 2007-08-23

logging off and going to bed - enjoy the day/night wherever you are # wondering how I can avoid doing the house-work! # hot and windy Riquochet - good to see the blue sky again though... # Just updated the Tumbled Wordpress theme - # calling it a night,...

Twitter Updates for 2007-08-22

iPhone software update 1.0.2 available : # Hot News : Apple signs European iPhone deals : # just creating the ReadMe file for a Wordpress theme - hoping to make it available today... # Annie - cool hope you like it #

Twitter Updates for 2007-08-21

morning... well over-slept today... possibly something to do with having beer last night! # posted: Cattle attacked by Vampire Bats on my Cryptoworld blog # testing im to twitter #