I’m become obssesed with reading Richard Brautigan again… I’ve looked and look but can’t seem to find any film footage of this great man, does any existed? Was he camera shy? Richard Brautigan reading his poem All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace. Taken from the Adam Curtis series of the same name.

Alfred App is a great application for quickly finding and launching things on your Mac. It’s similar to LaunchBar, Quicksilver and Google’s Quick Search Box (plus many more similar apps). What I love about Alfred is that is quick, very quick in fact, and simply to use. I don’t really need all the extras that Lunchbar or Quicksilver offers, although they are handy — I just want to be able to quickly find stuff on Mac, launch Applications and lookup contacts — job done! Alfred is free, but there is a paid add-on called Powerpack, and since version 0.8.1, Powerpack users could create their own colour themes. Now with version 0.8.2, you can export/import themes meaning you can now share[…]

I recently archived and reformatted my Mac so I could do a clean install of Snow Leopard, as a result I wanted to reinstall some of the apps I used to use, one of which was VisualHub, a video conversion tool that unfortunately is no longer developed — yes I know there are plenty of other apps out there, but VisualHub works perfectly with my current setup/workflow. After copying the app and finding my serial, I discovered it needed to download a conversion engine before it could work, but for some reason it couldn’t or wouldn’t download it, so after a search on Google I discovered I could just copy the engine from my archived Mac — although the website with the instruction eventually worked, I had[…]

It’s scary how long ago I last updated this website. As you will probably notice I have changed the design again! I am now using TwentyTen which will hopefully be one of the new default themes to be included with WordPress 3.0 when it is released. I’m really updating to say I have just launched a news and information website for people using broadband the Isle of Purbeck. For some time now there has been fluctuating speeds and several Major Service Outages (MSO’s) which BT have been reluctant to acknowledge until after they had fixed them (not very professional!). So, if you do live in the Isle of Purbeck and have experienced some weirdness with your broadband connection, please visit[…]

In an effort to move the rather amusing, yet annoying picture of bang-cock down the page a bit I have decided to write a little something and nothing… Well, that was it… something and nothing… Perhaps I should write a new list and review of my must have OS X (Leopard) apps?

… a return to regular posting? An interesting and possibly thought provoking short film about why the internet will probably be censored… one day… maybe? Source: SpaceCollective.org

I have finally sorted out some of my books that I still had packed in boxes from when I moved out of London three years ago. Like a long lost treasure, I found books I forgot I had bought, and I struggled to sort through them all without stopping to read everyone – but I managed it – just! In sorting through two boxes I found my small collection of Richard Brautigan books and put them on the small bookcase next to my bed – which was probably a bad idea – as I haven’t stopped reading them since. But that got me thinking, could the late Mr Brautigan be my favourite author? The slamming of screen doors and dogs barking and the rattling[…]

Today I’m celebrating as my first free WordPress theme – Tumbled, has reached 200 downloads. Now 200 is not a massive amount, but it still amazes me when I see it being used. It was my first attempt at designing a public theme and seems to have worked surprisingly well. I have been meaning to update it since late last year, but never seemed to find the time. Now it has reached the 200 mark makes me want to do it as soon as possible, so stay tuned for an update soon. Tumbled is a single column, no nonsense theme loosely based on the popular Block style on Tumblr, and can be found/downloaded here Tumbled – A WordPress Theme.