I updated my iMac to Leopard a few weeks back. I still have mixed views on whether it is really that much better than Tiger. It is better, ascetically pleasing to eye better being the most obvious, but is it better for work? Better for design, better for working on the web? I’m still trying to work it out, ultimately I guess yes, but I’m finding some of the bugs a little bit annoying. Or rather I am annoyed that Apple have once again decided to beta test their products on their customers! For instance – my Lacie hard drive no longer spins down when it is not in use – why? No idea, but it means the drive gets[…]

Man, what is it with silly pictures of monkeys and numpties who like to hot-link images? I have just spent the last 2 hours sorting through my inbound links to this site trying to cross-reference genuine incoming inks against stupid hot-links. Bizarrely, the image that every numskull seems to want to hot-link to is this – a montage of some funny monkey portraits (link to my original post). Good old .htaccess to the rescue is all I can say. Basically I have used RewriteEngine/RewriteCond as describe here: How do I stop hotlinking and bandwidth theft? Which seems to work perfectly. If you think you are being hot-linked, check your top inbound links first and check for your images on the[…]

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