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Twitter Updates for 2007-08-18

taking the dogs out for a walk, although it looks like it may rain again... were the heck is my wellingtons? # skype seems to be back to its old self... I wonder how much money they lost over the last few days... # trying to finish off a new...

Twitter Updates for 2007-08-17

just updated my iPhone blog - looks like O2 and Vodafone will carry the iPhone in the UK - # going through old bank statements and filling in claim forms for the things stolen while on holiday - what a great way to spend my afternoon #

Twitter Updates for 2007-08-16

wondering if ProBloggers 31 Day Challenge is more beneficial than the 30DC for a new web-startup # come on - back Boris - you know it makes sense ... # starting to get angry with my ISP - why do I keep loosing internet connection? # Skype is...