Ok, so this is the quick version of what happened. In the middle of moving house, I received an email from my hosting company saying my account was in violation of their Terms and Conditions. It took ten days to get connected to the net at my new house, and by then my host had suspended my account and nothing was working. Fortunately a good friend of mine allowed me to lug my iMac up to his house and use his internet for a day so I could sort out the mess – in short… I was using old versions of WordPress that had vulnerabilities. A very bad idea as these vulnerabilities were being abused by someone or something which[…]

Man, what is it with silly pictures of monkeys and numpties who like to hot-link images? I have just spent the last 2 hours sorting through my inbound links to this site trying to cross-reference genuine incoming inks against stupid hot-links. Bizarrely, the image that every numskull seems to want to hot-link to is this – a montage of some funny monkey portraits (link to my original post). Good old .htaccess to the rescue is all I can say. Basically I have used RewriteEngine/RewriteCond as describe here: How do I stop hotlinking and bandwidth theft? Which seems to work perfectly. If you think you are being hot-linked, check your top inbound links first and check for your images on the[…]

Security is always a good idea, it protects you from all those nasty viruses and evil hackers that you just know are lurking in the darker corners of the web, waiting silently to slip into you computer and take over your life! But even if you have the best security in the world, it wont protect you from your office mates or so called friends who you invite around for a cup of coffee and a chat. The perils of not password-protecting your computer is just as bad, we can laugh about it, but it can be a lot more dangerous than not running a firewall or not having anti-virus software installed. If you’re laughing at this right now, ask[…]