I seem to be obsessively checking my website stats all the time at the moment! I normally check them first thing in the morning as part of my, what has happened while I’ve been sleeping routine (more on my daily routine soon), and then I usually check them again before I go to bed. This way I can get a good feel of the effects I am having on new and returning traffic to my sites form using different types of advert campaign’s and social networking tools/websites (i.e Bla.st, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc.,) But as the volume of new (unique) visitors goes up, which is great, I have been finding I spend more and more of my time analysing my stats[…]

The resent Tumbr problems with the Thirty Day Challenge (see We have been Tumbld…) has caused a lot of people to have a re-think on what is really being taught in the challenge — is it genuine or a bit of a get rich quick thingy? I’ve managed to escape having my account suspended on Tumbr, but that’s probably because I haven’t been using it for an TDC activities, in fact I’ve hardly used it at all… So is it time for a switcheroo? No not at all — I’m still following and ultimately still taking part in the Thirty Day Challenge, as I have learnt some interesting tips, tricks and techniques — but I think it is good to[…]

wondering if ProBloggers 31 Day Challenge is more beneficial than the 30DC for a new web-startup http://tinyurl.com/27mamn # come on – back Boris – you know it makes sense … http://www.backboris.com/ # starting to get angry with my ISP – why do I keep loosing internet connection? # Skype is definitely playing up today… thank dog for iChat, MSN, AOL, Google Talk and Yahoo to name but a few… # just updated my European iPhone Countdown – blog http://tinyurl.com/2c364r # searching through a pile of CDs looking for some old photos I took years ago… why the hell didn’t I write on them!!! # still having problems with Skype – not sure if it’s me, my ISP or just one[…]

There is nothing I enjoy more than getting my hands dirty with a little bit of custom WordPress code. I’ve just finished sorting out this blog and have decided to dive right in again and redesign the theme for one of my other blogs Cryptoworld. Sucker for punishment? Why yes — but heck it is better than fishing?

drinking coffee and working on a WordPress theme… it’s also very damp outside today – looks like summer is over… # trying to sort a little problem with my new WordPress theme for Davinian.com #

I know it’s been a while, but I’m still here, just less vocal — which is probably a good thing? Anyway, I had to post this as it’s just weird how things like this happen. While enjoying a cold barbecue with friends on Friday we started talking about books and how we hadn’t seen any second hand copies by our favourites authors of late. Granted, the odd one or two turns up every now and then, but they are usually books we already own, or in such bad condition that they are only fit for reading in the bath! Then on Saturday while hunting for bits and bobs for an adventure I am planning (more on this soon), I happened[…]

With the ever increasing speed and frenzy for supply the masses with information, it’s easy to see why some stories just don’t cut-it and make the headlines! But then when you stop and think about all the negative news that’s pumped into almost every living room via the TV and browsed by thousands every day in newspapers and on the web, there shouldn’t really be an excuse to miss anything — should there?

I bought a new 20 inch Core Duo iMac a few months ago, my first Apple product in four years. Its clean edges look fantastic on the desk and it sits like a big brother next to my old 12 inch PowerBook G4 . But after a few weeks (conveniently just out of the 14 day return policy) I started noticing something weird happening after waking the iMac from sleep mode. At first there was a weird flickering across the screen, the kind of flicker you get when degaussing a conventional monitor. But this seemed to last longer and longer with each sleep and eventually took over an hour to clear itself, and even longer if it had been in[…]

Somethings are immortal, others just fade, becoming a distant memory! The demise of Journal [dot] Davinian is probably neither of those, and to be perfectly honest I’m glad… I guess it was fun for a while and did bring a smile to some faces, but for others – it was a pain in the arse! So at least they will be relieved that I’ve closed it down and banished it to the deepest recesses of my mind… Going forwards, davinian will be my main platform for a more sensible, yet slightly sideways glance and the world around me. I hope you enjoy?