While running some key-word/niche searches I accidentally ran a search for .pdf – no name, just [dot] PDF as in an Adobe PDF document. The list that came back was interesting as it appears to show an all to sorry story of what the internet is most commonly used for… Out of the list of 100 or so results I looked at – that’s the search results I looked at, not the actual PDFs 😉 the following subjects and titles appeared the most: Sex as in Playboy Magazines, Massage Secrets, How to get beautiful women and the Karma Sutra. Conspiracy this, that and the other, 50 things you’re not supposed to know, Secret Societies, Free energy and who killed Elvis,[…]

It has been one of those days for me today, I tried to write this morning, but kept finding myself being distracted by other things. When it happens it is damn hard to break out of it. If I catch myself free-falling early enough I can usually do something about it, but today wasn’t one of those times, so I decided to take a break and headed out of the house for the day. On reflection it was probably the best thing I could have done, as I got thinking about Tumbled (my free WordPress theme), and I think I should try and make it more Tumbleblog-like with separate styling for each category – links, photos, quotes, dialogues, and video[…]

Well, I’m back! Miss me? Don’t answer that… It was fantastic weather in Wales (see above). And the break from the computer gave me some much needed time to think about some projects I have had in the back of my mind since I went travelling in Europe earlier this year. I also finished one book and started another that I had been carrying around for several weeks – so a good rest and catch up. Right, notes, research and more notes… and strong coffee!!!

I’ve been playing around with Bla.st cards for a few months now, well longer that that really – and have found it can bring in some extra traffic. What is Bla.st? Put simply it’s an alternative form of online advertising that anybody can use. You can promote almost anything and pay as little (only pay if you want to) or as much as you like. The more you do pay means the higher up the page your advert(s) will go and the more likely it is to appear on other peoples websites, yes, they have a publishers program in the form of a widget (great for WordPress sites) which doubles as a kind of referral program where you can earn[…]

It’s amazing how a simple change in colour makes your site look so different. Not sure if you have visited before, but I had a rather depressing grey gradation for a background. After a little bit of research in colour psychology, I discovered that green is one of the most pleasing colours on the eye and can even improve vision. It’s also a calming and refreshing colour, one reason why you feel so good when outside. Dark green (note the background) is considered masculine, conservative, and implies wealth! There are plenty of websites on Colour Psychology, a few I’ve looked at are: infoplease colo(u)r, designcrux Colo(u)r Psychology and Colour Affects. A question for readers – what colour if any do[…]