Well, I’m back! Miss me? Don’t answer that… It was fantastic weather in Wales (see above). And the break from the computer gave me some much needed time to think about some projects I have had in the back of my mind since I went travelling in Europe earlier this year. I also finished one book and started another that I had been carrying around for several weeks – so a good rest and catch up. Right, notes, research and more notes… and strong coffee!!!

It’s going to be a bit quiet around here for a few days as I’m off to Wales for the Bank holiday. But before I go, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has shown interest in my first free WordPress theme called Tumbled. It was downloaded over 40 times in the first day, and as many again after I released the update yesterday evening. Amazing! Right, the camper van is loaded up, so it is time to hit the road… now where is that nice sunny weather we were supposed to be having today?

There is nothing I enjoy more than getting my hands dirty with a little bit of custom WordPress code. I’ve just finished sorting out this blog and have decided to dive right in again and redesign the theme for one of my other blogs Cryptoworld. Sucker for punishment? Why yes — but heck it is better than fishing?

I know it’s been a while, but I’m still here, just less vocal — which is probably a good thing? Anyway, I had to post this as it’s just weird how things like this happen. While enjoying a cold barbecue with friends on Friday we started talking about books and how we hadn’t seen any second hand copies by our favourites authors of late. Granted, the odd one or two turns up every now and then, but they are usually books we already own, or in such bad condition that they are only fit for reading in the bath! Then on Saturday while hunting for bits and bobs for an adventure I am planning (more on this soon), I happened[…]

Today’s Dilbert strip made me chuckle, because there are times when I kind of feel a little bit like Ratbert. If there is only one thing I ‘must’ do every day, it is to check the latest Dilbert. You can check today’s Ratbert funny (here), and all that has gone before at www.dilbert.com. Enjoy!

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While scanning through my daily feeds, I happened upon a story linking to another article that linked to this: “Monkeys” [link] on what I think is a Russian(?) LiveJournal blog. At first the pictures just made me laugh, but then when I looked a little closely, staring into their eyes, I got the feeling that I was looking at, dare I say it, a distant cousin or long lost relative! The more I looked the more human they looked. Their faces are all different yet have all the characteristics of any human portrait picture. Bewilderment at what the hell is going on, frustration as to why something so simple can take so long and with out a doubt — failing[…]

Security is always a good idea, it protects you from all those nasty viruses and evil hackers that you just know are lurking in the darker corners of the web, waiting silently to slip into you computer and take over your life! But even if you have the best security in the world, it wont protect you from your office mates or so called friends who you invite around for a cup of coffee and a chat. The perils of not password-protecting your computer is just as bad, we can laugh about it, but it can be a lot more dangerous than not running a firewall or not having anti-virus software installed. If you’re laughing at this right now, ask[…]