I’m become obssesed with reading Richard Brautigan again… I’ve looked and look but can’t seem to find any film footage of this great man, does any existed? Was he camera shy? Richard Brautigan reading his poem All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace. Taken from the Adam Curtis series of the same name.

I have finally sorted out some of my books that I still had packed in boxes from when I moved out of London three years ago. Like a long lost treasure, I found books I forgot I had bought, and I struggled to sort through them all without stopping to read everyone – but I managed it – just! In sorting through two boxes I found my small collection of Richard Brautigan books and put them on the small bookcase next to my bed – which was probably a bad idea – as I haven’t stopped reading them since. But that got me thinking, could the late Mr Brautigan be my favourite author? The slamming of screen doors and dogs barking and the rattling[…]

I know it’s been a while, but I’m still here, just less vocal — which is probably a good thing? Anyway, I had to post this as it’s just weird how things like this happen. While enjoying a cold barbecue with friends on Friday we started talking about books and how we hadn’t seen any second hand copies by our favourites authors of late. Granted, the odd one or two turns up every now and then, but they are usually books we already own, or in such bad condition that they are only fit for reading in the bath! Then on Saturday while hunting for bits and bobs for an adventure I am planning (more on this soon), I happened[…]