This is my first WordPress theme I have made publicly available, and it’s not something I have had sitting around for ages either – I started it yesterday afternoon with the soul intention of making it purely for public release. So here goes, I would like to introduce you to Tumbled, a single column, no nonsense theme loosely based on the popular Block style on Tumblr. Yep, that’s right, you can now have that Tumblr look on your WordPress blog. I must warn that Tumbled is still a Beta, but rest assured I have tested it in Safari and Firefox on the Mac, and Internet Explore 6 and 7 plus Firefox on the PC. Everything seems to work fine, although[…]

Designing and editing websites and blogs can be much easier with the right tools. Here is a list of my top 5 website building tools: Smultron: A free text editor for the Mac which is both easy to use and powerful. It is designed to not confuse newcomers nor disappoint advanced user. I have been using Smultron for well over a year, and it has become my default text editor of choice for .txt, .html to .php Website: Smultron by Peter Borg. Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.9 Tiger or later Price: Free! CSSEdit: This little application is quick, clean and offers superb CSS styling of absolutely any web page. It is the fastest, easiest CSS editing application I have used,[…]

After yesterdays stats overdose, I’m back on track – well I’m only checking stats every two hours and feel I can get myself back to only checking them twice a day again by the end of the week… I hope! Anyway, just tweaked a few things here on Davinian: Removed the over-sized RSS logo from the top of the sidebar – I have no idea why I made it so big, but it was taking up too much room – so its gone and in its place I’ve added the Feedburner feed stats. After playing around with an additional ad on single posts, I’ve decided to move them from the top-right to the bottom of the post just above the[…]

I seem to be obsessively checking my website stats all the time at the moment! I normally check them first thing in the morning as part of my, what has happened while I’ve been sleeping routine (more on my daily routine soon), and then I usually check them again before I go to bed. This way I can get a good feel of the effects I am having on new and returning traffic to my sites form using different types of advert campaign’s and social networking tools/websites (i.e, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc.,) But as the volume of new (unique) visitors goes up, which is great, I have been finding I spend more and more of my time analysing my stats[…]

The resent Tumbr problems with the Thirty Day Challenge (see We have been Tumbld…) has caused a lot of people to have a re-think on what is really being taught in the challenge — is it genuine or a bit of a get rich quick thingy? I’ve managed to escape having my account suspended on Tumbr, but that’s probably because I haven’t been using it for an TDC activities, in fact I’ve hardly used it at all… So is it time for a switcheroo? No not at all — I’m still following and ultimately still taking part in the Thirty Day Challenge, as I have learnt some interesting tips, tricks and techniques — but I think it is good to[…]

There is nothing I enjoy more than getting my hands dirty with a little bit of custom WordPress code. I’ve just finished sorting out this blog and have decided to dive right in again and redesign the theme for one of my other blogs Cryptoworld. Sucker for punishment? Why yes — but heck it is better than fishing?

It’s amazing how a simple change in colour makes your site look so different. Not sure if you have visited before, but I had a rather depressing grey gradation for a background. After a little bit of research in colour psychology, I discovered that green is one of the most pleasing colours on the eye and can even improve vision. It’s also a calming and refreshing colour, one reason why you feel so good when outside. Dark green (note the background) is considered masculine, conservative, and implies wealth! There are plenty of websites on Colour Psychology, a few I’ve looked at are: infoplease colo(u)r, designcrux Colo(u)r Psychology and Colour Affects. A question for readers – what colour if any do[…]