In an effort to move the rather amusing, yet annoying picture of bang-cock down the page a bit I have decided to write a little something and nothing… Well, that was it… something and nothing… Perhaps I should write a new list and review of my must have OS X (Leopard) apps?

A week ago I was receiving on average 10 spam comments a day. I had Akismet running and was more than happy that it was catching all the nasties for me. But while updating a few plugins I appear to have inadvertently turned Akismet off. I didn’t realised this until today when I received an email saying I had 1 comment awaiting moderation. I logged in to check it out, but soon realised it was only spam — strange I thought, why hadn’t Akismet caught it. Then I realised the Akismet Spam Tab was missing and then I realised I must have accidentally turned it off — but wait a minute I thought — why have I only received 1[…] is about design, style and how we can improve those lovely little 125 x 125 Adverts and Cards that we so love to place (drop) on other peoples websites. They are meant to advertise what we are selling, be it a product, service or even just ourselves. Yet, they really don’t do us justice, they are difficult to read, look gimmicky and hardy every relate to what we are trying to sell. Remember, they should be driving traffic to your site – so come on, get serious… visit, grab a free template and start designing a better Advert.

I have come to the conclusion that I am much better at brain-storming an idea than actually turning it into reality! For instance, I am currently trying to complete a website for a idea I had two weeks ago, I’m getting there, but find I’m getting distracted with newer ideas – I lack concentration and find it hard focusing when a new idea pops into my head – I need to be strict with myself and stop, write the idea down, then continue with the work in hand… but it’s bloody difficult! I’ve read plenty of books and websites on time-management, better productivity, staying focused etc., everything makes sense and I know what I should be doing, but after a[…]

While running some key-word/niche searches I accidentally ran a search for .pdf – no name, just [dot] PDF as in an Adobe PDF document. The list that came back was interesting as it appears to show an all to sorry story of what the internet is most commonly used for… Out of the list of 100 or so results I looked at – that’s the search results I looked at, not the actual PDFs 😉 the following subjects and titles appeared the most: Sex as in Playboy Magazines, Massage Secrets, How to get beautiful women and the Karma Sutra. Conspiracy this, that and the other, 50 things you’re not supposed to know, Secret Societies, Free energy and who killed Elvis,[…]

I’ve decided to give the latest self-promoting buzz a go – Entrecard is a weird little business card/advert sharing network that’s designed to allow like minded individuals to contact each other by leaving their 125 x 125 sized business cards on each others website. You can also rent space (currently one day at a time) on sites displaying the Entrecard widget. You do this by using credits that you accumulate from either displaying cards on your own site, by clicks on your cards, or by dropping (leaving) your card at other sites. It sounds complicated, but it isn’t – trust me! Credits can also be exchanged for real world goodies, but I haven’t earned enough credits yet, and the current[…]

Four months ago I decided I was going to seriously try my hand at making money online. Everything started off well and I did make a few hundred dollars, but then I lost enthusiasm and started to get distracted, and before I knew it, I wasn’t making anything. Making money needs a special kind of dedication and commitment which keeps you going, even when things look bad. There is also a fine line between knowing when to keep going or when to quit a bad idea. I think I failed all of the above and as a result I have wasted a lot of my time running around after foolhardy ideas, and not dedicating myself to the things that were[…]

Having Alex Kings Twitter Tools installed is great for letting your Twitter followers know when you have posted something new on your site – and in reverse, it is also really useful for making a blog post of your previous days twitterings, but … … if you do have the “Create a daily digest blog post” turned on like I do, then the pressure to post something everyday really gets turned up to the MAX! As I think there is nothing more unsightly than having two days of Twitter Updates side-by-side! Yep I know I could turn it off or even delete the update posts – but that would be cheating… wouldn’t it? Anyway, as you can tell – I[…]

It has been one of those days for me today, I tried to write this morning, but kept finding myself being distracted by other things. When it happens it is damn hard to break out of it. If I catch myself free-falling early enough I can usually do something about it, but today wasn’t one of those times, so I decided to take a break and headed out of the house for the day. On reflection it was probably the best thing I could have done, as I got thinking about Tumbled (my free WordPress theme), and I think I should try and make it more Tumbleblog-like with separate styling for each category – links, photos, quotes, dialogues, and video[…]