125Cards.com is about design, style and how we can improve those lovely little 125 x 125 Adverts and Cards that we so love to place (drop) on other peoples websites. They are meant to advertise what we are selling, be it a product, service or even just ourselves. Yet, they really don’t do us justice, they are difficult to read, look gimmicky and hardy every relate to what we are trying to sell. Remember, they should be driving traffic to your site – so come on, get serious… visit 12Cards.com, grab a free template and start designing a better Advert.

After yesterdays stats overdose, I’m back on track – well I’m only checking stats every two hours and feel I can get myself back to only checking them twice a day again by the end of the week… I hope! Anyway, just tweaked a few things here on Davinian: Removed the over-sized RSS logo from the top of the sidebar – I have no idea why I made it so big, but it was taking up too much room – so its gone and in its place I’ve added the Feedburner feed stats. After playing around with an additional ad on single posts, I’ve decided to move them from the top-right to the bottom of the post just above the[…]

I’ve been playing around with Bla.st cards for a few months now, well longer that that really – and have found it can bring in some extra traffic. What is Bla.st? Put simply it’s an alternative form of online advertising that anybody can use. You can promote almost anything and pay as little (only pay if you want to) or as much as you like. The more you do pay means the higher up the page your advert(s) will go and the more likely it is to appear on other peoples websites, yes, they have a publishers program in the form of a widget (great for WordPress sites) which doubles as a kind of referral program where you can earn[…]